The Traveller

tumblr_meebltuy9u1qmfuy9o1_500Summer is beckoning us with its allure and gentle heat; we are finding soft places to dance on the grass and rowdy places on the streets.  And mostly we are super excited to announce our next show, ‘FireWater : The Traveller‘ starring the beautiful and delectable Kristine Adams, of FatChanceBellyDance® and many many special dancers. Kristine is on an extended world tour and we are lucky to catch her in our net for the night. The theme ‘The Traveller‘ is close to all our soul hearts, being the beatnik dancers that we are. Come gather with us and watch us roam…

Wednesday the 17th of September 2014  at The Rosemary Branch Theatre, London  N1 3DT. More details on their way……xxx