New Year!


fc55599a4e17a4b19d5550cb7341a7fcHappy new year to all! 2016 promises to be an an amazing year and we are already excited for the coming adventures. The Firewater Collective begin their January with travels to California to continue their study with the mother studios of Tribal belly dance, and we are very proud to announce that Philippa Moirai will be teaching at Homecoming in San Fransisco.  Classes will begin again in London from February 2016; see ATS and the Tribal Fusion class pages for full details.

ALSO Bookings are now open for our Colleena Shakti weekend of workshops in London June 10-12th. We are looking forward to immersing ourselves into the essence of Indian Fusion with one of our most prominant and beloved teachers; we hope you will join us too.

So wonderful New year blessings and good wishes to you all and see you in dance very soon! xx