Spring In Balance


Harnessing the energy of Springtime the FireWater Crew are holding a full day of dance to ignite your creativity and breathe freshness into your dance; Spring In Balance.

A rich day of Yoga, Sacred Earth belly dance infused with Tribal Fusion technique, and American Tribal Style® belly dance, followed by the Cowry Sessions and another beautiful FireWater Dance Jam. A day designed to develop, deepen and support your Tribal practice.

Come join us on Sunday 28th April 2019 at Fourth Monkey Studios ~ Bausch’s Box Studio.

Led by..

*Rachael Moss taking us through a Spring Yoga class aiming to allow us to grow gently into our bodies through a series of postures, exploring the space and variations within each. The practice will root us firmly and allow us to move with deep focus, clear intenion and awareness of breath.

*Hannah Mi Anis weaving us through her signature blending of Sacred Earth belly dance interwoven with the structure and strength of many generations of of Tribal Belly Dance. She explores a flowing sequence in Ode to the luminous Goddess Archetype Saraswati; Gatekeeper of creativity, intelligence, inspiration and light.

*Philippa Moirai fluid and flowing in her dance and full of precision, clarity and accuracy will dive deep into the many beautiful layers of American Tribal Style, leaving you with a feeling of elegance and strength.

Bookings are open ; Come be tribal with us – we cannot wait to dance with you there.