Colleena Shakti : Indian Fusion Intensive

A One day Intensive of North Indian & Indian Contemporary Dance with Colleena Shakti.

Colleena Shakti, one of the most sought after teachers of our time is currently in London and offering an exquisite day full of dance.  The intensive will split into two beautifully complimentary parts; North Indian dance and Colleena’s new body of work, Indian Contemporary.  Come dance in beauty, in strong warrior nature, and in bliss with us on Sunday 6th August.

Part #1 – North Indian Dance

Greatly inspired by folkloric and tribal dances of Rajasthan, the unparalleled grace of classical Kathak dance and the ecstatic music traditions of Sufi Qawwali, Colleena invites us into the rich world of North Indian dance.  This workshop will introduce various classical and folkloric techniques of dance including spins, poses and arm patterns, then build up to beautiful gliding phrases of her unique style.

All levels welcome.  Please wear a long spinning skirt.  We will be spinning a lot in the class!

Part #2 – Indian Contemporary Dance

The core body of Indian classical dance and martial arts utilize imaginative combinations of circles, spirals and complex bends. This new workshop draws from years of careful study and intensive training in several traditional movement modalities of India (Kalarypayattu, Yoga Vinyasa, Odissi classical dance, Kathak classical dance and more). Colleena extracts core muscle movements layered with minute details (such as mudra), together with thematic bodylines to create a powerful and fluid new contemporary style.

Inspiring traditional themes of intention such as: warrior like courage, inner strength and stillness, compassion and surrender, will lead this dance workshop from movement exploration into choreography.   A special addition to this workshop will be some exercises in Kalarypayattu, an ancient martial arts form of Southern India.

All levels of dance experience welcomed, however the movements are strong and require a certain degree to stamina and strength, particularly the Kalarypayattu exploration.

Tuition and times:

6 hours tuition with Colleena Shakti split into 2x 3 hour classes (Part 1 and Part 2)


The Place, 17 Duke’s Road, London WC1H 9PY



10–1pm / 2-5pm

Booking and Payment:

Bookings open 1st July 2017. Booking online is highly recommended as Colleena’s classes tend to sell out.

1) Early Bird Option:  Available until 8th July 2017 only.

2) Full Day Indian Fusion Intensive (6 hours tuition) : £121


About Colleena Shakti:

For over 16 years Colleena has lived and performed in Rajasthan (where she has a dance school) with various artistic communities such as the Kalbeliya, Langa and Manganiyer and has performed for nearly all the royal families and festivals of Rajasthan.  She has developed a remarkable reputation as one of the great dancers of Rajasthan as her style is known for incredible precision and refinement, yet remains a deeply authentic expression of the Rajasthani spirit.

Colleena’s newly emerging work has been a natural evolution over her years of training in India.  She is deeply committed to Odissi classical dance, heavily influenced by living and performing in Rajasthan, finding ever new depths in her authentic yoga studies and passionate for the martial arts from Kerela, Kalarypayattu.  All of these experiences in living the training life come together in a unique way through this dance which allows her to express a particular voice which honors tradition, yet strips movements down to an essence.

Payment Note:

Payment for the intensive is non-refundable.  By clicking buy on the PayPal button you are agreeing to these terms. Please also note that a small fee has been added to cover PayPal costs the total of which is shared between student and teacher.s