FireWater aesthetics, beliefs, ethics & dreams

We love the honesty box. We often use this form of payment representing the personal responsibility when admiring, valuing and respecting our art, our dancers and our teaching.

Not in the average sense. The kind that emanates from devotion, dedication, creativity, spirit, sweat, love and flowers. We choose our performance spaces, our decoration and our environment with this vision in mind.

FireWater is a show. Our aim is to work with all our dancers to create a cohesive night, whilst giving dancers support and a stage upon which to grow over the years. As a dancer you may be given a residency, or be asked to perform in a FireWater show. As an audience member, we hope this makes you feel a part of something special and loved, and that you will return again and again not for a novelty but to watch our dancers develop and grow.

We host highly acclaimed and international dancers and musicians so that they may share their wisdom, skill and passion with the local community. Supporting artists we admire, and spreading intelligence, knowledge and soul in dance is our ultimate aim.

In Indian philosophy a Rasika is someone ‘who tastes the nectar’, who can appreciate beauty and art. As audience members, students and dancers, you are the Rasikas. We appreciate your presence, your good energy and your enthusiasm. You are of utmost importance and mean everything to us.