FireWater Show

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Thank you to all who joined us for ‘Fire.Water.Love’… it was an incredible night!!! Holding these shows for 10 years has been such a gift and a passion and we were so happy to share and celebrate this with you. Here’s to many many more years gathering for dance, music, poetry and love together.

Heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you that has attended a FireWater show since our first 10 years ago! Huge immense thanks to our epic team of magic makers who helped make our shows to date…the dancers, the musicians, the technicians, the creators of the beautiful atmosphere, and the cake makers. We have loved every one of them, and feel honoured to have shared the stage with such exceptional talent, creativity and professionalism.


To savour the sweet taste from our previous shows, please enjoy the images below.
Many thanks to the wonderful photographers who have captured these.

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FireWater is London’s exclusively Tribal belly dance night. Each show entails an entrancing evening of dance starring FireWater residents and special guests – both local and International.

Previous dancers and musicians include: Colleena Shakti and Raki Khalbelia (Rajasthan, IN), Jesse Stanbridge and Kristine Adams of FCBD® (World Traveller originally from San Francisco, USA), Ling Shien and Mark Bell a.k.a Helm (San Francisco, USA),  Susan Frankovich, Heather Shoopman, Tsingani, Elizabeth Mahina (Los Angeles, USA), Olivia Kissel (Pennsylvania, USA), Lily Tsai (Dallas, USA), Wendy Marlatt and Kimberly MacKoy (now residing in San Francisco, USA), TribalKinesis (USA & UK), Les Soeurs Tribales (Milan, IT), Valerie Romanin (Paris, FR), and local dancers Hilde Cannoodt and Charlotte (Brighton, UK), Alexis Southall, The Juniper Project, Pedralta, Fulya, Dawn O’Brien and Gemma of Khalgani (The Midlands, UK), Pearl Boheme and Elina (Bristol, UK), Deana Lawman and Tribal Unity (Essex, UK), Demelza Fox (Cambrdge, UK), Maryam Shakiba, Anna Kemper, Catherine Taylor, Samantha, Kathleen Pearlson, Rosie Kohl, Alys, Sarah Stone, Darkstar, Sorcha Ra, Spiral Tribe, Helen Oates, La Zingara, Ema Laasya, Anouk, Silvana, Hannah Mi Anis, Naia, Moirai Tribal, Ter’ziMoirai and Apsara (London, UK), local DJs and musicians U-Cef, Emil, Andrew Gorman, Tim Karp, Dunja and Peter Botic, Don Kipper, Merlin Shepherd, Dajjah, Djanan Turan and Baha Yetkin.