Sacred Earth Belly Dance retreat with Hannah Mi Anis


A 5 day retreat in Spain presents Hannah Mi Anis’ signature blend of Sacred Earth Belly Dance interwoven with the structure and strength of many generations of Tribal belly dance. Please read on for more details. We’d love to see you there!

We play with the seamless journey from the bold and powerful to a caressing yin like flow allowing the different and valid aspects of the female principle to emerge. Calling on philosophies and aesthetics in Indian Classical and Middle Eastern dance Hannah introduces relevant terms and concepts to bring clarity to our choice of movements and our intention in dance.

There will be strong focus on musicality and its resonance inside our bodies, harnessing the messages rooted within some of the most beloved rhythms in the Belly dance repertoire.

Expect a cascade of sensation, a conjuring of worlds, full bloodied dance sequences interweaving the full spectrum of the elements of fire, water, earth, air and ether; a gaze at the energy embedded in the raw DNA of each movement.


*Yoni Shakti Yoga.
*Morning dreaming. A flow of dance, nourishing yin and open us for the day.
*Technique and strength class. Movements from Hatha yoga and Tribal belly dance to encourage knowledge, awareness and ability of our bodies.
*Main body of learning: Each day adopts both an element ( earth, fire, water, air, ether) / a combination of elements and a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn). We play with nature embracing the sensory aspects of each element and how to channel its flow through the body and into the sphere around us. We recognise the cycles that exist in nature and within us, how we may honour and respect them and how they affect the dance that is released. Each season, each element has a different taste, a different bhav, a different response in our body and different aesthetic in our dance.
All dance will be accompanied by a succession of hypnotic, and soul fueled rhythms and music designed to lead you into the intoxication of the dance and the moment.
*Divine play, creativity and dancing as a pack. We explore images, archetypes and improvisation, individually and in groups.
*Star dancing. Closing the day with theory class, stories, circle discussion and a little night dancing in the flow.
A retreat is done within a beautiful space with a small tribe. It is this that makes it special. We aim to create an environment of profound relaxation for this is the deep seat of where creativity is initiated. Retreats by nature are interactive, much like a sacred circle. Each dancer comes to the retreat with unique and valuable qualities. There will be space for you to spend time alone, with others and bring your skills to the group. If you have anything specific that you would like to share with everyone please contact Hannah Mi

Everyone welcome, a base knowledge of belly dance movement in any style is advised.

FOR BOOKING AND MORE INFORMATION: Contact Oihana Garde at Elbrazo de Shakti