The Divine Collective Day

divine-feminneThank you to all who joined us on The Divine Collective Day: Saturday 21st February 2015.  We hope you found it nurturing, beneficial and beautiful.xx  We are looking to organise a full day with Hilary in September. if you are interested in joining us please be in touch….

Experience the ancient healing therapy of Mayan Abdominal therapy with Hilary Lewin, Feminine Fire Vinyasa with Beth, and Sacred Earth belly dance with Hannah Mi of The FireWater Collective…….

*Maya Abdominal Therapy, Arvigo technique: Self Care workshop with Hilary Lewin:
‘Learn to think with your head, heart and womb’
The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy(ATMAT) are an ancient healing therapy which use anon-invasive, external massage to improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerves throughout the body.
For thousands of years, the original Maya Abdominal Massage was used to treat fertility problems and digestive disorders in Central America,with similar therapies found in other indigenous cultures around the world. The Maya Abdominal Massage works on the abdomen and pelvis to help bring the uterus into its proper position, soften musculature, align the pelvis and release tension in the diaphragm and trunk. The health benefits are far reaching ( see for a comprehensive list). As dancers and as women who honour and acknowledge the inner strength and intelligence of our bodies as well as the wisdom that echoes down to us from indigenous cultures,we envisage great nourishment in this practice.

Hilary Lewin is a certified practitioner and teacher of ATMAT. She has worked closely with Dr Arvigo,
was responsible for bringing this training to Europe and teaches ATMAT at Professional level around the

*Feminine Fire Vinyasa with Beth of Urban Yoga Monkey:
Beth’s sessions offer a space in which we can discover the naturalness of movement, breath and being.
The physical practice is simple, challenging in unexpected ways, nurturing, exciting, insightful and transformative. Her way of revealing the yoga in the how we begin things, the revelation of who we are as we move from one point to another and the state of consciousness we find ourselves at by the end of the practice are some of the defining aspects of her teaching.
Sustained and regular practice with Beth leads to one developing a conscious relationship with the subtle/ energetic, greater depth, joy, spaciousness and celebration.

*Sacred Earth Belly Dance with Hannah Mi:
Hannah Mi is a performer, teacher and practitioner of Sacred Earth belly dance; a dance with respect for nature and the elements, woman’s innate knowledge, the language of archetypes and each individual’s spiritual depth.
With Belly dance as our core foundation we weave through the elements in dance to awaken the energy of the Sacred Feminine. In tune with the day, Hannah’s hour will concentrate on the elements of water and earth expressed through the oldest unnamed movements in the belly dance repertoire encouraging fluidity and deep strength in our bodies to nourish, release blocks and seek understanding. Sequences of dance are formed as in Moving meditations, an inner ritual, to be held, repeated and treasured. This class will be accompanied by a hypnosis of repetitive rhythms and melodies.

About The Divine Collective:
The Divine Collective is inspired by the yearning within and the emergence of fellow sisters and yoginis to offer a focused and sacred space to cultivate our divine gifts of healing touch, dance and movement with mindfulness, gentleness and insight. This is a day where transformative, even alchemical practices are offered with wisdom, experience, generosity and as a reminder of our innate divine wisdom within us all. Expect to be restored,and leave with a greater freedom,energy and inspiration.

What time:

11am-12pm : yoga
12pm-1pm: Sacred Earth belly dance
1pm-3pm : Maya Arvigo massage technique

Saturday 21st February 2015

The Urdang 2, 259-263 Goswell Road London EC1V 7AH

What to bring: A yoga mat, and nesting materials – a blanket or cusion.

£50 for the whole day ( 4 hours)

It is essential to book ahead for this workshop.  Please note: Bookings and deposits are non refundable.

We look forward to seeing you there! FireWater and The Divine Collective.xx


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