Tribal Tea Party

Spring Tribal Tea Party.jpg

The Tribal Tea Party is a very merry charitable night for students of all levels to innovate, create and showcase their wonderful dance forms. Starring: Students of Hannah Mi Anis and Philippa Moirai and other beautiful dancers from within the London Tribal belly dance community.

It is a Non Profit event. Door entry is free. Tokens of appreciation for the dancers can be made on the night. All donations will be passed onto a chosen charity which is close to our hearts and the ethics represented in our dance. 

Charities supported at past Tea Parties:

Bumi Sehat Foundation
Sister to Sister Project
The Karuna Trust
Olive Branch Arts

Our next Tribal Tea Party will be in 2018. Do get in touch if you would like to be a part of this night. We look forward to hearing from you!

Previous schools who have performed at the Tribal Tea Party:

Anna Kemper’s Brixton Belly dancers (Small World Belly Dance); Hilde Cannoodt’s Masmoudi students, Team Darkstar (Kerry Darkstar’s student troupe); Catherine Taylor’s ITS students; the FireWater Studio Dancers, plus guest dancers from within the dance community ~ Ashnah, Tenzin, France de la Cour, Biess, and Sarah Stone.